Denmead Archery Club

These are the current club high scores. If you wish to have this list updated please email the records officer with the details.

Name Date Round Score
Allison Sayers2018-08-07Windsor - Ladies Recurve841
Allison Sayers2018-07-15National - Ladies Recurve522
Allison Sayers2018-04-29Short National - Ladies R472
Allison Sayers2019-03-19Portsmouth - Ladies Recur559
Terry Meech2018-06-06Windsor - Gents Recurve922
Terry Meech2018-07-01Long National - Gents Rec542
Terry Meech2018-07-05National - Gents Recurve604
Mike Deakin2018-05-13Short National - Gents Re512
Terry Meech2017-10-24Portsmouth - Gents Recurv573
Terry Meech2018-06-03WA720 - Gents Recurve592
Terry Meech2019-04-09WA18 Three Spot - Gents R562
James Tandy2019-04-09Windsor - Gents Compound898
James Tandy2019-04-09Long National - Gents Com542
Rhys Watts2019-04-09Long Western - Gents Comp724
James Tandy2019-04-09National - Gents Compound586
James Tandy2019-04-09Warwick - Gents Compound386
James Tandy2019-04-09Portsmouth Three Spot - G565
Rhys Watts2019-04-09WA720 - Gents Compound511
Rhys Watts2019-04-11WA720 - Gents Compound511