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Club News and Information

New High Scores Page

We have added a new feature to the website, a High Scores page which will display all the club record high scores. These have to be entered manually by the records officer or other admin, as they can include scores from competitions as well as regular club shoots. The High Scores page can be found here.

19th November. Ville Bowmen AGM 2017

Elected officers:

Chairman: Gary Dawe

Treasurer: Terry Meech

Secretary: Allison Sayers

Equipment Officers: Mike Walsh, Fiona Latham

Records Officer: Megan Latham

Field Captains: John Wilson, James Tandy, Terry Meech

Junior Representative: Vote unable to take place so Ellie Palmer remains in post.


Summary of 2017 AGM:


Many topics were covered at the AGM. It was agreed that the club would put in a formal request to the parish council for an additional container. Some valuable feedback was received about the new website and other ways to boost the club online presence. Including updating our contact details with affiliated bodies.

Copy of the minutes can be found here: Awaiting Document

Copy of the Treasurers report can be found here: Awaiting Document

22nd November. Denmead Parish Council Agree to New Container

Following on from the 2017 AGM a letter was sent to the parish council requesting them to allow the club to purchase and install an addition container at our outdoor range. The Denmead parish council have agreed in principle to the clubs request and a formal plan will need to be submitted. Below is the extract from their meeting minutes:


The Clerk referred to a letter from the Ville Bowmen asking that their original container be replaced and for the Committee to consider a request for a second container. Following comments from Council, the club had grown its membership. The Head Groundsman had also suggested using some of the archery field to provide a storage area for spoils that could not immediately be chipped and spread. Cllr Scholey suggested that some of the spoils could be used to improve the paths cut through Celia’s Copse. The Head Groundman was asked to provide a cost of preparing a storage/holding area at Kidmore Field. The Committee agreed in principle to a replacement and additional container but it would be considered as a combined request. NOTED



The club are in talks with the parish council to ask about the nature of the “spoils” mentioned. Work has begun on drawing up plans for an additional container…. We just need to decide where its going!

26th November. Ville Bowmen have their own Level 1 coach

Following the Boost funding the club received from Archery GB it is with great pleasure to announce that Terry Meech has passed his Level 1 coaching course and is now an Archery GB recognised coach.

Club Meeting on Sunday

The club held a meeting on the 16/07/2017 to discuss a few important issues. The first was the Club name. Following on from the club survey there was call for the club name to be changed. During the meeting there were passionate arguments on both sides for and against. A vote was held but due to the low turnout it was decided to not carry the vote through. A club wide vote may therefore be held or a halfway measure put in to place. This halfway option could be our online presence showing as Denmead Archery Club and any official club documents but the Club members are known as Ville Bowmen.

New Equipment Officer

In other news Tom has decided to step down as equipment officer. Mike Walsh has offer his services to take over and this was voted in by the committee. Fiona, who has been fletching all the club arrows has now been voted in to a committee position in recognition of her service to the club.

Latest Club Competetion

The latest annual internal club competition was a great success, we had a high turnout and everyone had fun, even those who were utterly rubbish like myself. Below are the results, kindly put together by Terry Brown, and following these are some pictures from the day! (thanks to Fiona)

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More Space needed!

Plans are underway to improve the equipment storage facilities we use. The current container has served faithfully for many years, but Terry is now looking into a larger, more modern space which will be more secure and have less large spiders.